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Analitica Latin America

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PEAK INSTRUMENTS INC. attends the expo of Analitica Latin America takes place from Sep. 26th to 28th in Sao Paulo. This fair focuses on the fields of laboratory technology, biotechnology and quality control. All the suppliers, distributors and manufacturers present their latest news and trends. It is also a good platform to exchange experience among visitors, speakers and exhibitors.


PEAK INSTRUMENTS has many kinds of spectrophotometers like UV-Vis, Visible, touch screen, single beam, double beam and xenon lamp models, and we showed the newest models E-1000V, E-1000UV, C-7100 and C-7200, which have elegant and simple design, powerful functions and competitive prices. Compared to the similar products from other suppliers, our instruments have great advantages like bigger screen which can show more parameters, USB storages, powerful software and good stability. So our products attracted many visitors during the exhibition.


We are pleased with the results, all are attendees have shown great interest in our products.

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